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About Logivision Technologies

Logivision Technologies started as two brothers that shared a hobby of tinkering with and developing electronics products. We began by working out of our home and soon moved into a small outbuilding. Our family and friends would bring us their devices to repair and offered ideas for development. We soon realized that this was more than a hobby and officially started J&M Repair LLC.

At this time we both had full time jobs and worked at night and weekends. Soon after moving into the outbuilding, we started providing IT services for businesses and developed a specialty technology product for the Amish community. Before long though, the spare time ran out, and we knew we needed to consider doing this full time. Soon after starting full time, we ran out of room in our outbuilding at home and were able to obtain and move into the previous building of the Winesburg Public Library (which sadly closed in late 2010). At this time, a relative, Jason Weaver joined the team and helped us remodel our building as well as helping with service work, while going to college.

After the move, our business grew much faster than we ever anticipated. We added Jonathan Mast to help with IT service calls as well as consumer PC repairs. We then realized that repairing electronics was not our future (which got completely phased out in late 2012) and focused on providing great IT Services to the community. After our focus changed, we rapidly expanded in the Business IT field. We decided that our business name, J&M Repair did not fit into the direction our company was going, and therefore changed our name to Logivision Technologies.

Since this, we have expanded our team, developed additional products and are still rapidly expanding. We never imagined that we would be where we are now back when we were working out of our home. All this is possible due to the grace of God, all of our great customers and our team members which serve them.

With an ever growing staff, we are set up to fully handle all of your IT needs. From friendly and helpful customer service and help desk agents to experienced IT technicians and engineers, we have the team in place to support your company. We are dedicated to having the best team members so we can provide the best IT services. Our goal is to take the complexity and difficulty out of technology and help it grow and simplify your business. We’re happy to work with you on simple repairs, or help develop complete IT solutions for your company.

Meet Our Team Of Specialists

Teamwork happens when each individual gives of their talent(s) for the benefit the group.

Jon Mast

IT Support Manager

Andrew Stutzman

Printer Repairs/Structured Cabling

Logan Hershberger

Small Business Support

Deanna Schlabach

Customer Service