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Computer Repairs

Spill coffee on your keyboard? Did your 3 year old get a hold of your laptop? There’s a lot of repairs that can be done on a computer to get you back up and running. Before you spend the money on a new computer, get us to quote a repair for you.

Computer Upgrades

Technology is ever changing, and too often when you don’t keep up with the changes, your equipment and software ends up being outdated and useless. You might just need to add some storage, or maybe your software needs to be upgraded to make the most of new features. Our techs can help you with that.


Don’t you wish everybody would just leave your stuff alone? So do we, but since we know there’s people out there that have nothing better to do than to send you a spam email with a malware installed, we highly recommend Anti-Virus software to stop their malicious intentions.

Computer Optimization / Clean Up

Ever sit there wondering how much longer you can sit and wait on your super slow computer before you’ll throw it out the window? If you bring it in, we can tell you if it’s a problem with the hardware, or if it’s simply bogged down with too much junk. You might be surprised at what your machine is capable of.


As technology improves, the viruses, malware and evil minds behind them get smarter too. Some of the nastier viruses are able to ruin your important documents and photos as well as any backups on attached media. We'll ensure that you have a functioning backup in place that creates solid backups, and allows for a fast, reliable recovery as well.

Video Surveillance

Are you concerned about theft? Want to make sure that you catch the rascal that beat up your mailbox or decorated your front door with graffiti? We have quality video equipment that fits all levels of your surveillance needs.

Cell Boosters

Do you live in the land that technology forgot? Are you sick of needing to stand on just the right spot in your house for cell service? We’ve got boosters that will work on just the slightest amount of signal from any provider.